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Italian High-Tech

Z32 Numerical Control: the comprehensive solution for CNC machines

D.Electron designs and manufactures complete CNC solutions for interpolating machine tools: the main product is the CNC Z32, a PC based multi-channel numerical control capable of managing up to 32 axes controlled by proprietary digital drives. Its also easy to use by the installer and the machine operator.
The main sectors where the Z32 CNC is employed are: Milling, Turning, Laser - Plasma - Oxi - Waterjet cutting machines. The D.Electron Z32 CNC FlorenZ is ready to brave the new era of the Industry 4.0.

CNC Z32: Italian high technology made simple and intuitive

D.Electron offers the ultimate solutions for the transition towards the Industry 4.0

Explore the considerable APPLICATIONS of our Z32 CNC system - the result of constant research and development - in Milling, Turning, Laser and Plasma Cutting, Marble and Special Machines.