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PlasmaCut is a powerful software developed for D.Electron Z32 CNC and designed for cutting machines (plasma - laser - oxy - waterjet): supports 5 axes machines, tube cutting and drilling heads.

Together with high definition last generation plasma sources, PlaseCut manages various accessories like:


mono/multi Drilling Head
Double Torch
Beveling 3D
Tube Cutting
Oxy cutting
Automatic Gas Console 



Ease of use
• Easy interface, compact and extremely intuitive, designed for touch-screen use
• Continuous zoom capability, from whole working space to fine details of any path
• Starting path choice: simply clicking the path onn the screen or specifying the path number, it's possibile to easily start the cutting process from any programmed path
• Automatic preview when searching for the program to execute
• Up to 12 piece zeros with automatic or manual alignment feature in case of sheet metal non perfectly aligned with the machine

Torch height control
• Integrated torch height control (switchable on/off by the operator) grants a perfect cutting quality

• Default cutting parameters  available for most used plasma sources: the operator only needs to select material, thickness and technology
• Cutting parameters are adjustable also while cutting in real-time
• Software compensation of axes mechanical misalignament

• Simulation feature is a uinque tool available for testing a program
• Availability of a powerful cutting restart algorithm in case of accidental torch-sheet metal contact or in case of cutting interruption with automatic piercing point calculation on the scrap portion
• CAD-CAM compatibility for Lantek, Alma, SigmaNEST, SI, Taglio, CutExpert and others
• Easy sheet metal trimming feature

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D.Electron is a company established in the beautiful city of Florence (capital of Tuscany region), specialized in design and manifacture of digital numerical control for machine tools.

D.Electron borns in 1977, around a nucleous of technicians already experienced in industrial automation for machine tools. more

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