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5 Axes RTCP

lavorazioni 5 assi 01Reduction of machining time and machine optimization even more frequently pass through 5 axes simoultaneously interpolating

In 5 axes machining (three linear axes + 2 rotary axes) the fundamental goal is to keep under control the contact point between tool and piece. When generating the part-program, the CAD-CAM system calculates the points coordinates on the piece surface and the rotary axes orientation (swiveling head or table).

Z32 CNC, thanks to optional RTCP (Rotating Tool Center Point) functions, calculate the axes movements in order to keep the tool tip in the rigth position, taking automatically into account the machine geometry and the tool length. This automatic calculation allows to execute the same part-program with different tool length or different machine geometry without needing a regeneration of the part-program with the CAD-CAM: less down-time, increased productivity.

A special RTCP function allows manual movement of the swiveling head with the electronic handwheel while the part-program is in execution, without stopping the machining.


It's the function that saves the piece in case of errors or power loss: the tool is retracted from the piece surface in the direction of the tool. The only requirement is a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that keeps alive the Z32 CNC.


lavorazioni 5 assi 02HIGH SPEED MACHINING

High speed and accuracy are extremely importat when short machining time is needed. Although high speed and accuracy seems in contradiction, the continuous development of Z32 algorithms reached a superior technological level where high accuracy and superfinishing are possible also in high speed.

When dealing with high speed, it necessary that all the components of the system are perfect, starting from the CAD-CAM that generates the part-program, ending with the tool used for the machining. An important role is played by the CNC with two fundamental functions:

  • Geometrical processing of the profile generated by the CAD-CAM
  • Dynamical processing of the axes movements

Z32 CNC has a powerful geometrical-dynamical algorithm that offers a high efficiency and great flexibility minimizing machining time, smoothing the tool tip trajectory with a programmable tolerance and controlling the axes dynamics according to the machine dynamical limitations. 

Block processing capability is up to 11.000 blocks/second from internal memory or 3000 blocks/second in case of huge files read from hard-disk.

Special part-program G-Codes allows to modify and adjust the high speed behavior like:

  • Trajectory curvature reconstruction tolerance
  • Corner smoothing tolerance
  • Acceleration limitation
  • Jerk limitations

Analog and digital Z-Star2 servodrives

Z32 high speed is one of the most advanced and complete available on the market and can be applied to analog drives, but the best performances are reached together with digital Z-Star2 drives designed and produced by D.Electron. Z-Star2 digital drives are managed by the Z32 CNC through a D.Electron proprietary communication protocol and thanks to multiple digital filters are able to "domesticate" light structures of modern high speed machines.

A very special algorithm "G125" allows the machine operator to excute an auto-tuning procedure that optimizes the machine behavior measuring in few minutes the dynamical responses of motors and axes and compensating it.

lavorazioni 5 assi  CAD/CAM profiles - NURBS

Z32 CNC has a special algorithm that recreates a continuous, smooth curve starting from the CAD-CAM points of a part-program. The algorithm identifies corners, uses a programmable tolarance to reduce discontinuities and 

Z32 CNC accepts direct NURBS programming (optional feature) up to the forth level and three simultaneous axes with multiple knots detection.

• Look-ahead

Z32 CNC has a 500 blocks look-ahead buffer that allows calculation of the rigth axes velocites, accelerations and jerks for any corner and curvature change.

• Jerk (smoothness index)

Jerk control defines the dynamical smoothness of the machine movements and can be programmed in order to optimze machining time and surface quality.

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