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Retrofit: New Value for Used machines - Replace the old Numerical Control

Retrofi attualizzato

When mechanical efficiency is still good, retrofit is cost effective and convenient

Machine tools obsolescence is mostly attributable to electronic parts, and especially motion control electronics. An old CNC penalizes the performances of a still efficient machine and reduces its value.

Retrofit means:

  • Revamping CNC and servodrives with up-to-date technology, regardless of previous solution.
  • Revising and overhauling mechanical parts.

A retrofit grants a considerable enhancements of your machine:

  • Productivity enhancement
    Reduction of machine down-time
  • Faster machining cycles
    Quality enhancement
  • Better precision and simplified programming
    Up-to-date technology
  • Better Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF)
    Spare-parts availability

All D.Electron CNC's have Ethernet connection capability. For end users, this means easy connections between machine tools and technical department, and even remote supervision of lights-out machining.

D.Electron undertakes retrofit making use of a structure of Specialists, offering technical support and high-level CNC's developed within more than 30 years of activity in workshops.
When replacing only the CNC, machine down time is very short: 2 or 3 days.

  • Free technical support and survey on the premises
  • Replacement of any kind of Numerical Control with D.Electron Z32 CNC
  • Warranty for all D.Electron Z32 CNC components
  • Z32 Programming courses

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D.Electron is a company established in the beautiful city of Florence (capital of Tuscany region), specialized in design and manifacture of digital numerical control for machine tools.

D.Electron borns in 1977, around a nucleous of technicians already experienced in industrial automation for machine tools. more

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