Z32 CNC: technology is our mission, personalization is our strength

Our approach

Double attention to the customers needs and to the technological advancements
D.Electron, with its light and efficient structure, dedicates a great attention to the Customer's needs, with strict co-operation relationships, as well as to the very quick advancements in the electronic and information technology. The goal of this double attention is to offer to the Customers the most up-to-date products, with courageous and innovative choices. We cite between the most significant innovations (now "normal" but not so normal at their time) the PC-based architecture dated 1991, the TCP/IP connection dated 2000, the touch-screen portabel handwheel dated 2013. Less evident innovations, but at our opinion very important and efficient for the machining quality, is the introduction of the new High-speed machining algorythm G113X KA2 introduced in the 2014.
Long-lasting service support
A strong point in the co-operation of D.Electron with Customers is a qualified support service that lasts for many years, also for obsolete products, well over the normal practice. As an example, products sold in 1977 are still serviced, and when components become obsolete D.Electron searches different solutions in the interest of its Customers.
Simplifying the Z32 installation
The search for the simplest installation and for the operational reliability, software as well as hardware (in the hostile and noisy workshop environment) is for D.Electron a goal of continuous and primary importance. The PE3 I/O system, peripherals system optically linked, and the powerful drive autotuning feature, are two significant results of this approach.
Efficient technical documentation
Correct technical documentation and information for Customers are updated with continuous care. Each new release is accurately described in a document that is distributed together with the new software, whereas the general-purpose manuals are updated with less frequent intervals.
Co-operation in foreign countries
D.Electron is etablished in Italy, but the Z32 system, with its inovative and highly efficient solutions, is very well suited for a diffusion in other countries. Until now technical co-operations and local service centres are active in Croatia, Brasil, India, Turkey, China but D.Electron is seeking for qualified solutions also in other countries.



About Us

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D.Electron is a company established in the beautiful city of Florence (capital of Tuscany region), specialized in design and manifacture of digital numerical control for machine tools.

D.Electron borns in 1977, around a nucleous of technicians already experienced in industrial automation for machine tools. more

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 Florence - Italy

Via Reginaldo Giuliani, 140 (ZIP 50141)

Tel: +39 055 416927

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