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BIMU 2006 Milan (Italy)

The Z-Star drive system is now complete, it may control up to 32 simulataneous axes (standard brushless, torque and linear motors, induction and brushless spindles), with direct connection to the 400 Vac mains and current range from 3 to 140 A.
The CNC Z32 Windows Real Time is obtaining an important success, specially when it is associated to the D.Electron Z-Star drives and motors. In this case a very competitive price is obtained, with top-level performances and the simplest installation.

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D.Electron is a company established in the beautiful city of Florence (capital of Tuscany region), specialized in design and manifacture of digital numerical control for machine tools.

D.Electron borns in 1977, around a nucleous of technicians already experienced in industrial automation for machine tools. more

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