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CNC Z32 C15 FlorenZ

CNC Z32 C15 FZ
Operating Temp. Range:
+5 ÷ +40°C
Weight Kg:
Dimensions mm (LxHxW):
Supply Voltage:
230 Vac
Ethernet, USB

CNC Z32 C15 FlorenZ

Compact video operator’s terminal, including CNC, alphanumeric keyboard, machine operating panel:

  • Includes alphanumeric keyboard and a simplified machine operating panel
  • Functional keys near to the screen
  • Connected with the electrical cabinet through a single Ethernet cable
  • FlorenZ operating system
  • 24 optoisolated Inputs and 8 outputs 0.5A 24Vdc available for console buttons and lamps


CNC characteristics:

  • Milling and turning functionality
  • Special functions for plasma cutting and laser cutting
  • G-code part-program
  • Up to 10 interpolating axes programmable in a single block
  • Reading speed up to 11000 blocks/sec (G1/G2/G3 blocks from internal memory)
  • Huge dimensions part-programs executed in DNC from hard-disk
  • Dynamic look-ahead, more than 500 blocks
  • Sophisticaded jerk control limits the mechanical stress
  • High-speed machining and super-finishing for moulds
  • Canned cycles and macros
  • Full support for rotary heads and tables (5 axes RTCP for blades, blisks, moulds,...)
  • Gantry axes
  • Multiprocess: max 6 simultaneous and independent processes
  • Up to 32 digital axes and 16 analog axes


Operator’s interface software:

  • FlorenZ operating system (D.Electron distribution of Linux)
  • D.Electron operator’s interface software
  • Allows end-user interface personalization
  • Optional Windows license running in a Virtual Machine for running Microsoft Windows based softwares


PLC and installation:

  • Integrated PLC with bi-directional, real-time access to the CNC data
  • Fast sections of PLC down to 2 mS, synchronized with the part-program
  • Integrated PLC editor, debugger and digital oscilloscope
  • Black-box function
  • Easy definition of the digital drives settings
  • LAN connection through Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Teleservice via Internet
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