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The Master Link MLK-FZ card manages the data exchange between the central unit of the Z32 CNC FlorenZ Series and all the peripherals (servodrives and I/O's).

The MLK module connections are:

  • RTE (Real Time Ethernet): connection with the Z32 CNC central unit
  • Z-Link: optical fiber bus for digital I/O's, analog references, analog inputs, encoder inputs (2mS sampling time)
  • Z-Star2: optical fiber bus for SPevo digital servodrives (250μS sampling time)
Master Link
  • Allows PE3 I/O modules mounted beside (see I/O Modules description)
  • Manages Z-Link I/O peripherals
  • Manages directly up to 8 SPevo digital servodrives through the on-board Z-Star2 channel
Master Link EXP+FZ1
  • The additional Z-Star2 channel on the expansion card EXP-FZ1, manages 8 digital SPevo servodrives, allowing a total of 16 digital SPevo servodrives managed
  • The presence of the EXP-FZ1 doesn't allow PE3 modules mounted beside
Master link EXP-FZ3
  • The additional three Z-Star2 channels on the expansion card EXP-FZ3, manages 8 digital SPevo servodrives per channel, allowing a total of 32 digital SPevo servodrives managed
  • The presence of the EXP-FZ3 doesn't allow PE3 modules mounted beside

In case no expansion card (EXP-FZ1, EXP-FZ3) is present, up to 8 PE3 I/O modules can be connected directly to the Master-Link, like it's shown in the picture:

PE3 modules directly connected to the Master Link

PE3 modules directly connected to the Master Link


Possible solutions:

  • MLK-FZ Digital Solution 32 axes +

    Soluzione Analogica
  • MLK-FZ Digital Solution 8 axes +

    Soluzione Analogica
  • MLK-FZ Analogic solution +

    Soluzione Analogica
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