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Brushless motors


DSM brushless servomotors are designed to offer an advanced solution as a result of an consistent project developed for chip-removal machine tools, where high motion control control bandwidth is needed.

Together with the full-digital control of D.Electron Z-Star2 servodrive system, DSM servomotors fulfill high requirements of dynamic, precision and smoothness.

DSM servomotors reach the lowest level of torque ripple available on the market, and together with their high inertia, allow direct coupling of the motor, overcoming mechanical transmission limits.


Fields of application:

  • Metal working machine tools (milling-turning)
  • Robots
  • Machine tools for wood, glass, marble
  • Cutting machines, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, Oxi fuel
  • Auxiliary axes

Main characteristics:DSM servomotors series

  • Rare earth elements magnets for high temperature
  • 8 poles
  • Sinusoidal Back E.M.F
  • Integrated thermal probe KTY84-130
  • Orientable connectors
  • Compact sizes
  • Low torque ripple
  • High RPM



The DSM series comes in 6 sizes:
DSM 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 e DSM Compact

Continuative torque from 0,7Nm to 230Nm for the standard execution, flanges from 60x60mm to 260x260mm

Models with external servo ventilation cooling:
+30% continuative torque

Flanges and shafts are mechanically compatible with  Siemens motors



Standard motor configuration:

Available transducer:

    • SinCos 1Vpp Tamagawa AR48; (not available for size DSM2)
    • BISS Hengstler AD36 absolute 4096 rev.
    • Bipolar Resolver Tamagawa
    • TTL Line Drive 5V + UVW hall sensors Tamagawa


  • Thermal probe KTY84-130
  • Black color RAL9005
  • 1 Label on the motor and 1 spare label
  • IP65 Protection
  • Intercontec SpeedTec ready connectors orientable of 270°



        Filename Descrizione/Description Size Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSM - Technical Features Tabella riassuntiva motori DSM 54.81 kb Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSM Order Code Tabelle ordinazione motori 52.46 kb Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSM2 dimensions Dimensioni Taglia 2 da 0,7 a 1,4Nm 130.26 kb Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSM3 dimensions Dimensioni Taglia 3 da 1,5 a 5,3Nm 134.25 kb Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSM4 dimensions Dimensioni Taglia 4 da 4 a 11,3Nm 136.71 kb Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSM5 dimensions Dimensioni Taglia 5 da 10 a 35Nm 450.93 kb Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSM6 dimensions Dimensioni Taglia 6 da 15 a 70Nm 137.37 kb Download
pdf.png DElectron Motors DSMCompact dimensions Dimensioni motori compatti 128.98 kb Download

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