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Spindle motors

Vectorial Induction motors for spindle, MA series

Motori Asincroni Vettoriali per mandrino serie MA

Special induction motors,with reduced dimensions, suited for variable-speed applications with vectorial inverter with flux control. The specially accurate mechanics and the original electro-magnetic design allow speeds up to 9000 rpm.
The case cooling with separate fan allows reduced dimensions and high continuous torque even at low speeds.

The MA series comes in 5 sizes:
with powers from 3 to 100Kw.

Base speeds are 750, 1000 and 1500rpm (750rpm units are availanle star/delta connected)

When the S1 power is over 40Kw the windings are for 400Vac 3-phased: in this case a 625Vdc bus is necessary (as it is generated by D.Electron regenerative power supplies).

Windings are specially coated for high electrical insulation, necessary for inverter drives.


Motor MA225: finite element design - Stator - Rotor

Integrated position transducers

  • Incremental encoder sincos 1Vpp 2048 pulses/turn (standard)
  • Incremental encoder Line Driver TTL,1024 pulses/turn
  • Bipolar Resolver

Thermal Probe
The probe KTY84-130 is casted in the stator windings (the D.Electron Z-Star2 digital drive system monitors the motor temperature during operations)

The standard execution has a terminal block for power and a connector for transducer and fan. In the standard execution the terminal-block box is in the upper side, connections toward left by observing from the shaft output side. D.Electron may supply cables conform to the most severe environmental conditions

Stand-by brake
Optional on any size

Manufacturing shape
The standard is B3; optionally all the solutions conform to the IEC34-7 are available

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