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Braking resistors

Braking resistors 

When the regenerative power supply is not used, it's always necessary to use an external braking resistor.
D.Electron provides three sizes of dissipating resistors: 300W, 1100W and 2200W, in protected execution with overtemperature probe.
When motors/spindles decelerates, these resistors dissipate the braking energy in heat.


Electrical network filters

Electrical network filters 

The electrical network filters limit the electrical noise (due to the converters connected to the network) to values in conformity with the EMC norms for industrial environment.
The filters also attenuate the possible resonances between the network impedance (generally unknown) and the impedance of the motion control system.
The filters are designed with low leakage current in conformity with industrial residual-current device.
Available filter from 40A to 180A rms.


Commutating coils for regenerative power supplies

Commutating coils for regenerative power supplies

Three impedances are necessary, one for each phase to support the regenerating process (electrical energy returns back to the network). They have the following functions:
Suppression of electrical noise coming from the mains
Commutation current limitation
Filtering of the current sent back to the mains


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