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Servodrives Slim

slim drives 400Vac

400Vac Slim Drives

Ideal for high performance small-medium size machines

  • Compact Dimensions
  • Easy wiring
  • Suitable for axes (brushless, linear, torque motors) and spindles (induction, synchronous motors)

D.Electron Slim Drives are composed of a single power supply unit and up to 8 power modules, mounted on the MLKSD side.
The digital communication bus together with the 24Vdc power supply are done through a local copper connection.
Available slim power supplies: 11kW or 22kW
Available slim power modules: from 3A to 20A
Expandable through Z-Star2 connection up to 120kW (power supply) / 200A (power module)



SDA PowerSupply thumb

400Vac SDA Power Supply

The SDA power supply module is mounted directly on the side of the MLKSD master link module and generates a 560Vdc bus for the power modules.
It comes with an integrated braking resistor suitable for dissipation of standard axes braking energy. An external, additional, braking resistor can be added in case of spindles or heavy duty working cycles.

SDA Power Supply tabella-DElectron 


SDP powermodule thumb

400Vac SDP Power Module

SDP power modules convert the DC bus continuous voltage in the proper 3-phase U-V-W voltages needed to control the motors.
Main characteristics:

  • STO safety function
  • Double transducer input (motor + position): Resolver, TTL, SinCos, EnDat 2.1, BiSS, EnDat 2.2, Hiperface
  • Integrated brake management
SDP Power Module table 


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