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Servodrives Z-Star2

Z-Star2 digital drive system is a high performace 400Vac digital servo system, with power modules between 5A and 200A rms (S1 continuous duty)
Specifically designed by D.Electron for our Z32 CNC to give you the greatest axes motion performaces.
A maximum of 32 drives can be connected to a single CNC
Each drive is suitable for brushless, linear or torque motors and for induction spindles or field weakiening synchronous spindles.

Main technical characteristics of the Z-Star2 drives:

  • 400Vac Digital drive system
  • Modules from 5A to 200A rms (S1 continuous duty)
  • Designed for Z32 CNC: perfect integration, reliability, best performances
  • Up to 32 digital drives supported by a single Z32 central unit
  • Each Z-Star2 drive can be individually software-configured for any supported motor (brushless, linear, torque, spindle motor, ...)
  • Autotuning feature
  • No need for any hardware configuration or external device connection to configure the modules
  • Each Z-Star2 drive can be individually software-configured for any supported motor (brushless, linear, torque, spindle motor, ...)
  • Reliable immunity to electrical noise: digital communication bus if Optical-fiber based
  • 30 meters: Maximum optical-fiber single connection length (drive-to-drive or drive-to-Master Link)
  • Regenerative power supply availability
  • Double transducer input on each drive: one for the motor encoder, and the other for the optional additional position transducer
  • PWM switching frequency: up to 8kHZ
  • Supported transducers: SinCos, TTL, EnDat, Biss, Resolver, Hiperface
  • Transducer choice is configured via software, with no need of hardware settings or chan
The Z-Star2 servodrives are interconnected with optical-fiber rings that start and end in the Master-Link module. Each ring, is a channel of the Z-Star2 digital drive bus and can interconnect up to 8 drives. Up to 4 Z-Star2 channels (or rings) are available. The first channel is directly accessible on the Master-Link MLK-FZ itself, for the additional three channels EXP-FZ1 or EXP-FZ3 are required.
Power supplies with braking resistors


Power supplies with braking resistors

  • Direclty connected to 400Vac 3-phased mains
  • Three sizes available: 20A/11kW, 40A/22kW, 80A/44kW (S1 continuous operation)
  • Generate the 560Vdc DC bus
  • Braking motors energy dissipated on external braking resistor
  • A 3-phase filter is needed between mains and power supply


Regenerative Power Supplies

Regenerative Power Supplies

Regenerative power supplies are composed of two modules

UR: Regenerative unit
SR: Power unit

  • Direclty connected to 400Vac 3-phased mains
  • Various sizes available, from 50A/30kW to 200A/120kW (S1 continuous operation)
  • Generate 630Vdc DC bus
  • 3-phase filter and impedance coils are needed between mains and power supply

SPSEvo Power modules

SPSEvo Power modules group Power module 200A
  • Connected to DC bus 520-630 Vdc
  • Many sizes available: from 5A to 200A rms (S1 continuous operation)
  • Two transducer inputs on each module: one for motor transducer, one for optional position transducer
  • Z-Star2 digital servodrives are completely software-configured by the Z32 CNC: no need of any hardware setting
  • Any Z-Star2 power module can be software configured to drive any supported motor (brushless, linear, torque, spindle, ...)
  • STO safety function
  • Available transducers: Sincos, TTL, EnDat, Biss, Resolver. The transducer type is software configured, can be changed in any moment and doesn't need any hardware modification
  • Supported motors:

- Sinusoidal Brushless motors for AXES
- Linear motors for AXES
- Torque motors for AXES
- Induction motors for SPINDLES and ELECTROSPINDLES
- Field-weakening synchronous motors for ELECTROSPINDLES



Z-Star2 EVO digital drive system technical table:
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